11-13 - We are talking about institutionalized racism o...

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We are talking about institutionalized racism o Very invisible type especially if you are white It is not visible to whites becomes of the rashomon perspective because whites don’t see it in their perspective because it doesn’t it affect whites it doesn’t affect anybody Meritocracy works for many whites with the exception of the poor but the majority of the whites are not poor For years there were jobs that were limited overtly and covertly to males and whites Occupation is so important because it gives you income, income is mostly based on education level, and that is based on family o The type of family you grew up in has a lot to do with your educational level. People who graduate from 4 year institutions are more likely to have better jobs and better lifestyles Dental assistances are 96.5% female o Dental hygienist 98.8% female o Women have second-level jobs Education Child bearing May need part-time work o It is partly the systems the problem, because who made the system and the rules Every high paying jobs is less than their proportion in the population Percentage distribution of income o Median income was higher in 2004 than 1980 Even minorities went up but not as much, so the gap still staying the same If you get 3 earners vs. 1 earner you’re going to have more Employment and unemployment o 3.6% are Asian o 6 Latino o 10.6 black o 4.3 white o The unemployment rate is the percentage of people actively looking for a job for a month People who have just stopped looking are not in these rates Blacks have higher employment than Hispanics because they take really low backbreaking jobs for lower pay Smithfield meatpacking switched from predominantly black to Hispanics Most Hispanics were illegal o The conditions were so bad that the Hispanics started to unionized so the company reported many of the illegal
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11-13 - We are talking about institutionalized racism o...

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