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11-27 - • We have isolated Native Americans for year part...

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One of the strongest values for Americans is individualism o For Native Americans it is community and a sense of togetherness Native Americans also have a different attitude towards the earth, environment, spiritualism o They see that everything is connected: rebirth, renewal, relief When government policies are impose on these tribes there’s going to be a clash of cultures (government is majority white) o They don’t rule by democratic rule They rule by consensus rather than democratic majority rule Consensus is a slow evolving process, but their system works for them and their culture. Our system works for us and our culture but we don’t see their culture as validity
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Unformatted text preview: • We have isolated Native Americans for year; part of the problem is that are hundreds of recognized tribes o They have one of the highest alcohol, unemployment, suicide rates o Pine Ridge has 85% unemployment Poverty rate is 30%- US is 18% • Whites see that they are fine because they have casinos and no taxes on sovereign grounds o Purpose of casinos was to help out on infrastructure and schools • Government is interested in Native American lands o The land that they were pushed to; they own 3% of US oil and gas reserves; they own 15% of all the coal; 55% of US supply of uranium (what part of the fight is on North Dakota) 11% of worldwhite...
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