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12-4 - no reason to pass laws against them Poll taxes and...

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The books are looking at institutionalized discrimination and racism Final Articles and questions 3 hours UNC graduation rates is mid 80s (% who graduate in 6 years) o Differ from athletes o 79% for all males o 80% for all females o Black male student athletes 49% (2002) o All black male students 57% o Black female student athletes 83% o All black female 68% o Black males are the most at risk for getting their degree and that has not changed in decades Admissions to university o Who you have a high enough gpa to offset the SAT they can omit the score 3 main concepts from entire course o Awareness of the different racial groups that make up this country How they came in to the country and the differences by race and ethnicity o Acknowledge that there are some groups that have more power than others and they use that power o If there were no differences among those social institutions there would have been
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Unformatted text preview: no reason to pass laws against them Poll taxes and literary tests: power against other groups, so as a group they benefit o US as students that will be workers and voters that there can be in this country a new vision In that new vision to absolutely see color and it not matter • All of us are accustomed to what is around us so everyone does not look around to see o Its more of a sense of not knowing o Poor whites suffer as much discrimination as others • Divide and conquer issues of Asians o Stuck between white and minorities o Educational they have been punished for doing better than whites • New vision recognized there are differences between groups but there is as much variation in the groups as there are between different...
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