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-Funny and Farsi -sense of peoples’ views of the US who were not native born here -a look at two different cultures from one person’s perspective -people in the book would watch tv and be afraid to go outside -sociological imagination-seeing things from a different perspective -includes the ability to connect all kinds of world events that goes along with personal life -social institutions-family, education, government, economy, health care -how major and cultural events that impacted the lives -Iranian Revolution -father lost his job -taking of the American hostages -they were always asking her opinion on it -Iranian family cultural -arranged marriages between Iranians -her parents supported non-Iranian marriage -lived in California -father originally came here for education
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Unformatted text preview: 1) One of the major differences between the functionalist perspective and the symobolic interactionist is the level of analysis T 2) One of Karl Marx’s significant contribution is concept of bureaucracy F 3) Basic premise of Karl Marx theory later used by many sociologist is that a capitalist economic system by its very nature has conflicting nature, at the time that Marx was writing about it the conflicting interest that he study were primarily the __ and __ workers and owners 4) How did Dumas father ultimately win big as a result of his appearance on bowling for dollars His story contributed to making the book successful-Talcott Parsons: instrumental (men) and expressive (women) roles...
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