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Study Guide4 - Heritability Brazilian concept of race...

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Study Guide 4 ANTH 101-700 Bill Westermeyer Deep Play: notes on a  Balinese  cockfight Deep play Status Betting Rage Cocks/cockfighting Interpretation Symbolisms Ethnography of  Malinowski Participant observation Methods Chaos of facts Biases Functionalism Power of Islam/ Framing  Change Five pillars of Islam-  importance of each Thull Kohistani Similarities and  differences Tublighi Jamm’ at  Jaamm ‘at al Tablighi A Class Divided: blue  eyes/brown eyes Why, how, results Black Indians Racial divisions/slavery as  seen by Indians Dawes Program Why category continues Blood Politics Matrilineal Edogamy Exogamy Blood quantum Racism Marriageable partners Mixed Blood
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Unformatted text preview: Heritability Brazilian concept of race Intelligence IQ Populations Hypo-descent When Brothers share a wife Hypotheses Possible causes Fraternal polyandry Land tenure Primogeniture Infanticide Patrilocal Matrilocal First Australians Who How repressed How maintain identity Uterine Families Family structure Family power structure Gendered power Definition of family Tough Guise Male stereotypes Expectations Violence Killing us softly Female stereotypes Representations Parts Other stuff Medical anthro terms Evolutionism Structuralism Colonialism Boas Ethnography Particularism Good luck!...
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Study Guide4 - Heritability Brazilian concept of race...

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