ANTHreview - Methodology o Boas A person immerses...

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1. Methodology o Boas A person immerses themselves in the culture o Malinowski Participant observation 2. Both emphasized o Participant observation o Language o Living in the community o Knowing people personally o Studying every detail of ordinary life 3. Pakistan over time o What underlies the change in Kohistani erligion with the rise of Tublighi Jamm'at al-Tabligh o How are honor and integrity related to revenge and death enmity? How do these ideas fit with the Kohistan tribal code of conduct? Not the relations between religious ideaology and a local cultural practice of death enmity You are obliged to take your enemy in and protect them Locality that has peculiar practices o How does Keiser's description of life in Thull compare to Flowerday's account of Hunza? Cease fire connection to it Muslims fear coming under the control of Hindu's Governments abroad have put in a lot of money to develop it People have cars and prospects and are making the kinds of changes that are familiar to us Different kind of change over time Two of views of what can happen over time in areas that are fed in certain ways Differences in mentality No vengeance practices in Hunza 4. Race o Always occurs in relation to other considerations (who is in power) o Meaning of race changes over time and place (Chinese) o In one sense we are all the same race o In the U.S. Race describes biological discrete human groups that are linked to intelligence and psychological disposition ….there is nothing discrete about races o Phenotype: physical appearance Observable characteristics o Genotype: what you can’t see, your genes h 46 chromosomes that are in 23 pairs Each of the 23 chromosomes is distinct Genetic material is specific to a chromosome o Meiosis Cells split Two stages of reduction that produces four gametes In reduction Paired genetic traits get randomized
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Every trait or characteristic has two genes, one from each parent, there are over 8 million possibilities The inheritance pattern of one trait will not affect the inheritance pattern of another There are no 'race' genes o Population genetics There are social patterns of breeding only. One of the most valuable patterns is disease. Multiple sclerosis: prevalence in Euro-populations
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ANTHreview - Methodology o Boas A person immerses...

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