paper#1 - 1 The Vietnamese people were fighting for...

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1 The Vietnamese people were fighting for liberation from colonization by the Japanese, French, and later the United States as China, the Soviet Union, and the United States used Vietnam as a puppet of their own conflicts. To an extent the Vietnam war was a battle between communism, imperialism, democracy, and independence; as the Vietnamese struggled for liberation, the United States strove for containment as China and France fought in the name of colonization and control. Even though the American public believed the war in Vietnam to be a battle between communism and democracy, it was actually a struggle of imperialism, containment, and egotism under the guise of democracy against the Vietnamese people under the guise of communism. Out of all the powers present in Vietnam, the French were the most unjustified in their rule. Even though the Vietnamese people resisted the Japanese presence in Vietnam and drove them out, the French claimed Vietnam as a colony and established rule there. The French were not at all concerned with the well being of the Vietnamese people and instated mandates that were in control of the country. These mandates “behave like hunting dogs towards the people” and undeniably treated the Vietnamese people as their inferiors (Document 1, p.16). Through the way that the French handled their rule in Vietnam it is apparent that their presence was strictly founded upon imperialistic notions. If the French had run their colony better, it is likely that the Vietnamese rebellion groups would not have formed or come to power. The French “deprived our people of every democratic liberty”, caused the Vietnamese to feel “outraged by the thought that the French are treating us like animals, looking at us like wood and stone”, and later instigated an insurgency of Vietnamese rebels against everything France stood for and anyone associated with France (Document 1, p. 19,15).
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2 When the United States first made their stand in Vietnam, they entered because of France’s failure with the intent of initiating a democratic government. The U.S. made the mistake of openly supporting the French who had misleadingly claimed to be allowing the Vietnamese people freedom, but in the eyes of the Vietnamese people they “sucked us dry, driven our people to destitution and devastated our land” (Document 1, p.19). If Vietnam’s only experience with democracy resides in the way they were treated by France, then what can we expect them to draw from the notion of democracy? Instead of accepting our entrance and
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paper#1 - 1 The Vietnamese people were fighting for...

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