Marx Wage, Labor. Capital

Marx Wage, Labor. Capital - to survive. There is rarely a...

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Alex Cantu September 13, 2007 00548262 Daily Assignment In Wage, Labor, and Capitalism the one excerpt that I find interesting is on page 204 when Marx is describing about why people sell their labor as a commodity. Marx then goes on to tell that that working is not part of their life but rather a means to survive. What I find interesting about this excerpt is that even today we see people working 12 hours shift only
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Unformatted text preview: to survive. There is rarely a job anymore that people always want to go to work. For most of the human population work is simply a way to keep shelter and food on the table. The people that most enjoy working are the bourgeoisie because they do not have to sell their labor and they are able to watch the proletariat work for low wages....
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