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Jefferson - E Embargo Act IV Election of 1808 A James...

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Jefferson to John Quincy Adams, 1800-1824 I. Election of 1800 A. Decided in House of Representative B. 12 th Amendment, 1804 Electors have separate ballots to avoid confusion in separate party system Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809) A. Background=deist, slave owner B. Changes 1. Major Events 2. Marbury v. Madison, 1803 a. “midnight appointments” = people being appointed until midnight b. William Marbury = didn’t get appointed c. John Marshall = secretary of state> Chief Justice of Supreme Court d. James Madison = understands federalists want to pack the house, so Madison doesn’t deliver the appointments e. Writs of mandamus= http://www.lectlaw.com/def2/m079.htm f. Judicial review 3. Louisiana Purchase, 1803= doubles the size of the US Lewis and Clark 4. 1804 re-elected 5. Problems with Aaron Burr= always causes problems III. Problems with British A. 1803 European war renewed B. Blockades and Impressments C. Non-importation Act 1806
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D. Chesapeake Affair, 1807
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Unformatted text preview: E. Embargo Act IV. Election of 1808 A. James Madison 1809-17 B. Non-intercourse Act, 1809 C. Macon’s Bill No. 2, 1810 V. War of 1812, 1812-14 A. Drifting into war B. War, 1812-14, Canadians originally beat us, government temporarily moved to Baltimore, Dolly Madison saved many of the priceless things from the White House C. Hartford Convention, 1814- Delegates from all 5 NE states went RI, MAS, CONN, VER, NH D. Battle of New Orleans, 1815- British Invade Miss. River Area. Brits get stuck so they do a land invasion, allows Jackson to create a good defense along the entrance to New Orleans, British get slaughtered, 700 killed, 1400 wounded, 500 captured E. Treaty of Ghent, 1814= American and British end war Dec, 24 th 1814 Terms: Status Quo Ante Bellum= as is before the war Territorial possessions as existed before the war, Americans got territory back...
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Jefferson - E Embargo Act IV Election of 1808 A James...

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