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POLS 207 Test II Review

POLS 207 Test II Review - Review Exam II State and Local...

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Review Exam II State and Local 207 Fall 07 1. What is a political action committee and what is its function? -an organizational device used by corporations, labor unions, and other organizations to raise money for campaign contributions -donate money because they agree with the candidate’s position 2. Be able to provide examples of the different kinds of interest groups. For example the state medical association is an example of a professional organization interest group. -types (notes): -economic – seeks financial advantage for its members -ex. Texas Farm Bureau, Texas Association of Business Professionals, Chambers of Commerce, Texas AFLCIO, Texas Realtors Association -non-economic – want to reform social, political or economic conditions -ex: Common Cost, the American Legion, MADD -mixed – seeking financial advantage for members, also wants to reform -ex: Texas Teachers, Texas Medical Association, Texas Nurses Association, Texas Commission of Natural Resources, NAACP -types (book): -Economic Groups – trade associations and labor unions are classified as economic interest groups because they are organized to promote policies that will maximize profits and wages -Business groups – trade associations (groups that act on behalf of the industry) -Texas Gaming Association, The Amusement and Music Operators of Texas, Texas Association of Builders, Texas Good Roads and Transportation Society -Labor Groups – AFL-CIO, Communication Workers of America, Teamster locals, Texas Oil and Chemical Workers Union -Professional and Government Employee Groups -Professional Groups – organization of physicians, lawyers, accountants or other professional people that lobby for policies beneficial to members -Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Texas Health Care Association, Texas Society of Certified Accountants -Government Employee Groups –officers and employees of the state and local governments organize to obtain better working conditions, wages, benefits
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-Texas State Teachers Association, Texas Public Employees Association -Social Groups – -Racial and Ethnic Groups -Women -Religious-based -Public Interest Groups – promote the general interests of society -Common Cause of Texas, Texas League of Conservation Voters -Texas Power Groups -strongly linked with legislators and bureaucrats for the purpose of influencing decision making and having a continuing presence in Austin as a repeat player -Alliance for Responsible Energy Policy, Texas Mining and Reclamation Association, Texas Bankers Association, etc. 3. Are labor unions powerful in TX? Why or why not? No because they are not numerous and we are more focused on business related groups 4. What are the reasons why interest groups are powerful in TX? Think about them in comparison with political parties, the affect of political culture, and regulation -increases political representation because people can go to reps and influence legislation process in order to pursue a policy you want -political participation is increased in a democratic system
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POLS 207 Test II Review - Review Exam II State and Local...

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