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To Live Reading Response

To Live Reading Response - Joel Avery"To Live Film Response...

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Joel Avery March 13, 2008 “To Live” Film Response Paper The 1994 film “To Live” carried a very sad storyline while also demonstrating many aspects of Chinese culture under Chairman Mao in the 1940’s and 50’s. For Fugui, his life was definitely an emotional roller coaster that nobody could even imagine going through. You’d think that losing your family’s home from past generations, losing your wife and daughter due to a gambling addiction, losing your father to a stroke (caused by Fugui’s gambling addiction), and his mother falling ill all in about a 24 hour span of time would be enough emotional trauma for a film. It’s incredible how he wasn’t even close to being finished. The film used images such as Fugui selling pots in the freezing snow, drinking booze in the Liberation Army being one of the few survivors, crying for his dead and bloody son, crying for his dying daughter on her birth bed…there are many others, but the list is quite long. What was most striking to me though from the beginning of the film to the end was the change in Fugui’s character.
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