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EASC � The Asian Mystique Presentation - Joel Avery...

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Joel Avery EASC – The Asian Mystique Presentation Part One – “The Asian Mystique” The author’s style includes some storytelling, but mostly facts, statistics, and random information regarding the misconceptions and culture of Asians (mostly Japanese). The book opens with our white, female, American author observing the culture differences and expectations between Western and Eastern cultures in a bar call “Super Pussy” in Asia’s sex capital, Bangkok. Thai bars are a tourist hot-spot for foreigners. For Westerners, they get to experience not only the Asian flesh, but the Asian Mystique —the exotic, decadent delight that no Western woman could dare offer. This idea is built upon images, expectations, and misperceptions based on thousands of years of East-West interaction. In the West, a man can be a nerd. In Thailand, that same man is richer, better-educated, and desirable to many females. Old, fat, or ugly by Western standards, that same guy is going to be chased down the street by dozens of girls in Thailand. The lighter skinned a person is, the more beautiful they are considered. It is fashionable in Thailand to have a mixed race baby to have it be light skinned. Caucasian men and Asian women marry more frequently than any other two groups. Thousands of men in the West every year send away for mail-order brides or meet Asian women through magazine and website ads that say, “Dirty Little Slut. 20 yrs, Chinese dirty girl seeking 20-35 yrs. Attractive white guys 4 sex. I have a nice body and good looking.” 4-6,000 couples a year are brought together through over 200 websites. Expectations of the image of the submissive, subservient, exotic oriental come from the way that Asians have been depicted in Western culture. Actresses like Lucy Liu don’t have much of a choice on their roles in films because of the expected roles of an Asian woman in a Western point of view. These misconceptions are so set into stone. A real-life French Diplomat named Bernard Bouriscot was posted to China in the 1960s and dove straight into his fantasies of exotic Asia. He took a Chinese lover. The relationship lasted, incredibly, for eighteen years without Bouriscot knowing his lover was a man. The Chinese man was able to manipulate Bouriscot sexually—usually in the dark—into thinking he was a woman, and the Frenchman accepted the differences as “Oriental.” (A medical examination determined that the Chinese man was able to retract his testicles into his body, tuck his penis back into the folds between his legs, and hold his thighs tightly together during sex so that he would believe it was intercourse.) The diplomat was later quoted as saying, “I
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EASC � The Asian Mystique Presentation - Joel Avery...

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