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Moulder: Chinese govt couldn’t get central power back, where as japan got back its central power after wars. The western powers had a big influence on this. China had a lot of western pressure where japan didn’t. Why was japan able to develop modern industry while china couldn’t? Capital accumulation and other things Confunism prevented china from development t-yun philoshopy—you can use some western technology, but Chinese essence must be maintained british built a railroad in Taiwan 2 things looked at: Decentralization in china after rebellion in 1868 Impact of the west If you look at development industries, both C and J had little control over protecting the industries, because they didn’t have control over tariffs One of her major arguments Japan was successful because they had an easier time with centralization Incorporation—the government was so incorporated by royal political economy that it couldn’t carry modernization Relative autonomy— The social characteristics of the Japanese had little to do with the modernization of japan She cricizes levys arguments that it was the merchant class that was able and willing to adapt to industry --she also cricitzes that it was feudalism in J that led to economic growth --she makes the argument that “if levy was correct that the merchant class was correct in his assumption that the Japanese merchant class was more willing and able than the Chinese to invest then under what conditions would these facts be relevant to 19 th century Japanese development” If they were confronted as china was would the various wars influence the western powers The traditional society theorist need to address the arguments of the world economy theorists --moulder say whatever levy’s group doesn’t represent her group
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EASC - Moulder: Chinese govt couldn't get central power...

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