EASC2 - Notes for Political messages were sent all the time...

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Notes for 9/27/05 Political messages were sent all the time, even through plays Foot binding was very popular but they urged people to stop…they tried to destroy our family order, religion system How do you explain the victory of the communists over the nationalists in china? Compare wild swans with the documentary. Wild swans ch.4 Pg. 80 – author talks about her global area where there was a good amount of goodwill for the nationalist party. It turned to bitterness when the Japanese took over. - The emphasis is on the personal corruption of the officials in the Nationalist army. - Mom was negative towards the nationalists. - Her new book called Mao, is a complete attack on Mao. She blamed a lot of what happened on Mao. - In the book she says 321 and 323, she says Mao won because Jon Kai Sheck didn’t understand people well. Mao didn’t want to take any chances of anybody having a bad view of the communists. She says that Mao one because of his personality and Sheck lost because of his. - Mao would required his soldiers to write down all of their personal contacts…he would get rid of them if there was an issue. Jon Kai Sheck’s feelings for his wife could have been the reason for the loss of China. His wife and her sister controlled the economy of China in a way to benefit herself and friends. - Sheck consistently let his personal feelings get in the way of defending the country. Mao didn’t have those weaknesses. - Mao = ruthless; Sheck = weak Peasant Nationalism - The most important reason - Associated with Chalmers Johnson, who wrote a book about it. -
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EASC2 - Notes for Political messages were sent all the time...

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