Religion Study Guide � Midterm #2

Religion Study Guide � Midterm #2 - The aim is to...

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The aim is to indicate our position on ethical problems as they become more complex with technology. War, Violence and Terrorism All religions see it as antithetical to the most basic teachings of all religions—we are all family together Reason is we aren’t interacting with one another therefore we are violent and angry We need interdependence of all living things Iraq war—too many innocent and military casualties Development of terrorism—insidious aimed at individuals and nations No way to solve terrorism in society with free rights Warfare has now become intensified with nuclear war Ethical goal is to affirm strength of community and respect for the other, America has been a good example of this (except for slavery and racial profiling) Human Sexuality Divorce, marriage, gay/straight It’s too easy to get married and it’s too easy to get a divorce We have traditionally exploited women’s sexuality Parents find it difficult to talk with kids about sexuality and birth control
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Religion Study Guide � Midterm #2 - The aim is to...

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