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Briefly acquaint yourself with the Wikipedia entry about Gustave Le Bon:
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Unformatted text preview:race, religion, gender etc. can form a sort of synergy or mental oneness that can come about through a relatable purpose of being there (Le Bon, 1926). His explanation and his travels around the world explain how he perceives society and their differences along with their similarities the same way someone who believes in structural functionalism understands the macro aspect of society and how each part or segment of a society forms together to make one whole (Little, Vyain, Scaramuzzo, Cody-Rydzewski, Griffiths, Strayer, Keirns, & McGivern, 2014). It was very interesting to see this sort of dedication to the meaning and definition of society. I understood his theorizations and they do definitely support the structural functionalism paradigms. References Le Bon, G. (1926). The Crowd: A study in popular mind. London: T. Fisher Unwin. Little, W., Vyain, S., Scaramuzzo, G., Cody-Rydzewski, S., Griffiths, H., Strayer, E., Keirns, N., & McGivern, R. (2014). Introduction to sociology. 1st Canadian Edition. Houston, Texas, and Vancouver, British Columbia: OpenStax College, Rice University, & B.C. Open