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tech memo exp 2..3[1]

tech memo exp 2..3[1] - Lab 2exp1 Introduction The purpose...

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Lab 2exp1 Introduction: The purpose of this memo was to test to see how much power of the initial push on the ball correlates to a greater initial velocity which would include a greater trajectory. We kept the angle at a constant 55 degrees to avoid misrepresent ting my data. There were 3 tests to this experiment one at the lightest setting on the spring load; another at the second setting and finally one on the third. Test 1. We set up the system and shot the ball at the weakest setting first. This is the graph of the vertical velocity our experiment. We found the trend line to be y=-7.92x + 3.67. This is useful since it tells us that the initial velocity was 1.60 m/s because we started at time= .2616 and not at t=0. Well since initial velocity is what is truly needed here to determine a ratio between power and distance because Dx= 1.12 m/s X (3.67/7.92) = .518 m Test 2. We set the system up again and placed the power to the second setting.
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