ViewMarkedAssignment4 (1) - 1 LESSON TEMPLATE PLANNING AND PREPARATION 1 General information Teacher Subject and content and concepts Jonathan von

ViewMarkedAssignment4 (1) - 1 LESSON TEMPLATE PLANNING...

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LESSON TEMPLATE PLANNING AND PREPARATION 1 General information Teacher: Jonathan von Hoesslin Subject and content and concepts: Social Science: Geography: Natural Resources and Conservation Duration: 35 Minutes School: King Edward Primary School Grade: 7 class with 28 learners at the age of 13 years old Date: 14 April 2018 2 Specific aims for Geography: Students of subject didactics social science can explain the theoretical framework of social science as a subject and can apply it in the social science classroom 3 Lesson objectives: Students will be familiarised with the terminology of Natural Resources and conservation. Learners will also understand the impact of human environmental interaction. 4 Formulate lesson objectives using the guidelines in the Table below: Knowledge Skills Values and attitudes Cognitive domain: Learners will need to define the terminology of Natural Resource as well as Conservation. Learners will discuss how resources are abused and how they run out. Learners will also debate the crisis happening in Cape Town now with regards to the drought and the lack of water in the Western Cape. Psychomotor domain: Learners will utilise and learn how to debate whether the water crisis in the Western Cape is a great problem or not. Learners will get together in pairs and work through Activity 1. Affective domain: Awareness of the disappearing of the wetlands. Value of conserving the wetlands and water in the Western Cape. Creating awareness of the importance to assist the people in the Western Cape in saving and providing them with water.