paper #1 - Hannah Abler Section G My Religious/Spiritual...

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Hannah Abler Section G My Religious/Spiritual Values 1/24/2008 My Religious View of the World Human existence is pitiful. In the history of the world, one life is a mere eye-blink. And, more often than not, that one eye-blink is filled with more pain and sorrow than anything else. Occasionally you stumble upon a lucky duck whose experience of laughter and happiness outweighs his experience with pain and sorrow. The reality of our existence is so depressing when looked at from afar that without something to hope for, without the idea that something better waits us after our life, then living seems meaningless. Religion provides that hope. It gives people a purpose to strive for that extends beyond their own life on earth. And that hope seems to make people feel whole and at peace of mind. As for my religion, I was raised Catholic. However, I no longer associate myself with any religion. I believe that there is a higher power, something beyond us that created the universe in the beginning, but the Catholic Church has just been so violent and unforgiving in the past; its history is practically steeped in the blood of others, others who didn’t agree or who stood in their
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paper #1 - Hannah Abler Section G My Religious/Spiritual...

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