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Myths paper - Abler 1 Hannah Abler Myths We Live By Prof...

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Abler 1 Hannah Abler Myths We Live By Prof. McMahon Final Draft 11/5/07 The Guilty Party On a lazy afternoon, I came across an article in my magazine. It claimed that women were the “guiltier sex”. As I read on, the article padded its claim with real life examples as well as testimony from prominent figures in the topic of guilt. I decided to not only make guilt the topic of my paper, but to also create my own survey to see if the results also support the article’s claim. My survey asked how many times a week the subject felt guilty, gave a list of situations and asked them if they felt guilty about them. It also asked about their different reactions to their guilt. I found that it was true that women felt guilt more frequently than men. Whereas it occurred in the female sample, not a single male said that he always felt guilty. And the count for each situation was higher for the females. However, when comparing the pattern of the two samples, what women are guilty about the most are also the things that the men are guilty about the most (see graph seven). The highest occurring situation for the females was splurging, with all twenty-five women saying they had felt guilty about it, and the two situations that had high numbers in both the female and male samples were offending someone and getting angry with someone. It is understandable that a person should feel bad about offending someone, but why should anyone fell guilty about being angry? Anger is a natural emotion and is a normal reaction to something that is upsetting. However, the media has put a stigma on this emotion. It is no longer acceptable to express your anger. It’s acceptable to have little
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Abler 2 outbursts when things have gotten out of control, but not until then. One such example of the stigma is the television show “Grounded for Life”. The main source of hilarity is the father, Sean, who always loses his temper. Because of his anger, he is the source of
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Myths paper - Abler 1 Hannah Abler Myths We Live By Prof...

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