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Lecture 2 Songs CD1 notes on pp. 35-40 Song- a piece for voice or voices, often with instrumental accompaniment. Almost always with a text (more often poetry then prose) Four types of songs: a. Lyrical- songs that express only one mood or emotion in both text and music (CD1/2,3,4,5,9,11,19) the majority of songs are lyrical b. Narrative- Songs with some variation or contrast in mood, place, character, time or action c. d. Symbolic- songs that have powerful connections to institutions, beliefs, or movements (e.g. patriotic, school songs, religious songs) (CD1/17 & 18) Symbolic songs are usually lyrical. Songs and words: a. Each language has its own rhythms, inflections, and accents. b. Words an music need to fit together in a relatively natural way (and singers need to sing phrases in a natural way) c. There is usually, but not always, some clear relationship between the content of the text and the basic mood of the music d. Changes in text (mood, place, viewpoint, time) are usually reflected in the music e. Word painting- when music tends to illustrate a specific event (?) Song Forms: Three musical forms are especially common in songs: 1. Strophic form- usuing the same music for every verse of text. (CD1/3,4,5,17 and 18) many strophic songs also have a chorus or refrain, the same music and text at the end of each verse (CD1/7) 2. Ternary form- a form with 3 sections, most often in an ABA pattern (1/8, 10) 3. Through- composed form- a form where the music is constantly changing, usually because of changes of mood, time, place, or viewpoint in the text. (1/1,6,7) Song Genres Many songs share a common function, form, medium, and style and fall into one of many song genres.
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Aria - a solo song (for one singer with instrumental accompaniment) that is usually part of a larger composition like an opera, oratorio, or canata (CD1/9) Chorale (hymn)- a German (protestant) religious song in strophic form (CD1/5) Lied (lieder)- the generic German word for song (songs) and a specific type of song for voice piano common in the 19 th century (1/7,8) Song cycle- a set of songs meant to be performed as a group (1/8) Madrigal-
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Canadian Elections.doc - Lecture 2 Songs CD1 notes on pp....

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