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Day 5 notes - 2. Major problems of sandy soils a. Poor...

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Notes 2/8/08 Day 5- Primary Particles in Soils 1. Soil Texture - the size distribution of inorganic (mineral) primary particles a. Inorganic –tells nothing of organic content b. Primary particles (sizes) i. sand 1. seen by naked eye 2. 2.0mm-0.05mm ii. silt 1. like flour, cannot be seen by unaided eye 2. 0.05mm-0.002mm iii. clay 1. can be seen with light microscope 2. less than 0.002mm iv. loam - a mixture of sand, silt and clay 1. has nothing to do with the Organic matter c. pores or pore space- the amount of space or air between particles d. Permeability - the ability of air and water to go through the soil
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Major problems of sandy soils a. Poor water retention b. Low fertility c. Tendency to be droughty (lack of H20) 3. Physical Properties a. Texture- size distribution of inorganic primary particles b. Structure- arrangement of primary particles into aggregates c. Consistence- behavior in response to manipulation of stress at a specified moisture content d. Color- organic matter, drainage, mineralogy e. Water Relations- infiltration, permeability, retention, percolation...
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