History of marijuana

History of marijuana - Adam Santucci 1) History of...

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Adam Santucci 1) History of marijuana a) It hasn’t always been illegal i) Found in China from 7000 BC ii) Was common in many countries iii) 1619 some colonies ordered farmers to grow cannabis hemp b) Made illegal i) First state to prohibit marijuana is Utah in 1915, because of Mormon use ii) Other states follow suit targeting Mexican-American population iii) False claims in regards to effects of marijuana use in blacks and Hispanics iv) Government creates Bureau of Narcotics which eventually outlaws marijuana 2) Old claims and ideas still affect marijuana use a) People had an agenda i) Harry J. Anslinger became head of Bureau of Narcotics (1) He was ambitious and wanted his agency to grow (2) Couldn’t claim marijuana is addictive since it had been disproven, instead claimed it lead to use of heroine. (3) Claimed use of marijuana caused violence and insanity among ‘degenerate races’ mainly targeting Mexican-Americans ii) William Randolf Hearst owned a huge chain of newspapers (1) Known for his ‘yellow journalism’
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History of marijuana - Adam Santucci 1) History of...

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