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Ian Bezek - Adam Santucci Ian Bezek the author of the first...

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Adam Santucci Ian Bezek, the author of the first article (Don’t Free the Jena Six) has a clear and straight forward opinion towards the Jena Six controversy. This is the case of the six black students from Jena, Louisiana that beat up a white student and are being charged as adults at the age of 16. In Bezek’s eyes, the assailants are getting what they deserve. He first makes sure to make known his feelings of the controversy in general by stating right away, “I have been greatly disheartened by the recent Jena Six controversy.” He goes on to say this whole controversy is a step backwards for America’s race relations. Bezek explains some details of the case, mainly the circumstance of the six black students severely beating a white student in school. He immediately makes his position in the case clear when he states, ‘not surprisingly, the students were arrested and charged with second-degree battery.” He also points out that one of the assailants in particular, Mychal Bell, has become the focal point of the controversy. Bezek displays his disbelief that even though Bell has five violent crime convictions, he has gained the support of a large and growing group of sympathizers. Bringing in details of a prior incident that is believed to have triggered the attack, he mentions the so-called prank where some white students at their high school hung several nooses from a tree in the schoolyard. He dismisses this though by saying it happened months before the attack and CNN evidently reported that this is unrelated to the assault. Though he agrees the nooses were extremely offensive, the subject is pushed aside for him to glorify his upbringing of exposure to many different cultures as to shun any
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Adam Santucci claims of his racism. He restates his support of the charges instated on the six black students an urges the reader to not join the “Free Jena Six” movement. A direct opposition to Bezek’s opinion, Lester Washington rips his opponent apart in his retort article. He starts off by repeatedly accusing Bezek of being racist and inconsiderate of the past history of our nation. He recounts the accusation of the six students beating up the one white student and clarifies that this is in fact true, but brings to the reader’s attention that some of the facts are being left out. According to Lester, “a black student was assaulted the night before and the racist police and DA wouldn’t allow
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