Ireland is known for leprechauns

Ireland is known for leprechauns - Adam Santucci Ireland is...

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Unformatted text preview: Adam Santucci Ireland is known for leprechauns, four leaf clovers, the color green, but especially its love of drinking. With all of this in mind already, most people learn more about the country by visiting it and to get people to come vacation there, the tourism companies work off of these stereotypes, but also show other parts of the culture. The people at do a great job of showing off the country side and Irelands famously green scenery. If you go to the about I reland section, you can find all kinds of information about the island including its history and its people. With a section entirely devoted to the scenery, the website shows that there is more to I reland than green fields. With beautiful pictures of the coast line and its amazing beaches, not to mention the strange lunar landscape of the Giants Causeway (, the diversity of the scenery has a much broader range than most would think. The history is even more interesting and contains a lot that a majority of people probably never heard of. Ireland is thought to have been inhabited around 6000 BC by mid-stone age people ( Megalithic tombs built by these people are said to be older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza making them that much more fascinating ( Even the history of the dear I rish icon St. Patrick is a strange one. He was actually taken prisoner from his home in England and was made to work as a shepard ( he eventually escaped back to England though, he claimed he received a calling from God telling him to return to I reland to become a missionary and he is now credited with bringing Christianity Adam Santucci into the country ( With so many people in America with I rish blood in their family, it may come to question how this happened. The website explains that from 1845-49 the country was hit by a famine where over a million of the population died and more than two million fled the country, some of which ended up in America. This site takes a much more informative approach to tourism while another site sponsored by Disney gets right down to business. Adventures by Disney is a vacation website where you can set up a t rip with preset destinations to the most popular spots in I reland and also offers experience of the culture throughout the t rip. Disney takes a much more mystical approach to how they advertise Ireland and describe everything with a magical air that is much more appealing to families and kids. The descriptions of the stops are also very short and to the point and dont as much of an impression as the other site, but generally focuses on similar aspect of the country has such good use of ethos in its description of the countrys attractions. With such knowledgeable information in all aspects of the site, you can definitely tell that this is a reliable source and they know what they are talking about. The definitely tell that this is a reliable source and they know what they are talking about....
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Ireland is known for leprechauns - Adam Santucci Ireland is...

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