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31:001 Elementary Psychology Spring 2008 Professor Vecera Research Methods in Psychology I. An Experiment on Psi Phenomena Psi phenomena is a broad term for both ESP (extrasensory perception) and psychokinesis, the ability to affect physical objects with the mind. II. What Science (and Psychology) involves A. Characteristics of Science What does it mean to study something Scientifically? There are at least 3 important characteristics: 1. structured empiricism 2. verification 3. testable hypotheses B. A Few Cautionary Points Before we start talking about psychological research specifically, I want to point out a few things to keep in mind when
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Unformatted text preview: you evaluate claims or observations. These are guidelines for thinking critically about an issue, which we must do in order to fulfil the criteria of Science. 1. Anecdotes do not make a Science. 2. Bold claims aren’t necessarily true. 3. Just because something is unexplained doesn’t mean that an explanation doesn’t exist. 4. Coincidence (“synchronicity”). 5. Don’t appeal to authority only. 6. Explore alternative explanations. III. Psychological Research How does the Scientific Method work in psychology? Through two main types of research: EXPERIMENTAL studies and CORRELATIONAL studies....
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