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acyclic_02 (acyclic_02.pdf) - Conformation of Acyclic...

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Conformation of Acyclic Molecules Key Terms: Isomer : compounds with same molecular formula but different arrangement of atoms Conformational isomers : same molecular formula and group connectivity but a different spatial arrangement due to the rotation of a single bond (Vollhardt) o Can be superposable by bond rotation Dihedral angle : angle made by 4 atoms covalently attached to each other Barrier to rotation : energy required to move atom or group past each other Types of Strain (Thinkbook) Strain : a decrease in molecular stability due to e- repulsion or deviation from ideal geometry Torsional strain : strain caused by e- repulsion on one atom or group when passing by another atom or group o results from bonds on adjacent atoms being eclipsed o brought about by the barrier to rotation Steric strain (aka “non-bonding interactions”): strain caused by e- repulsion on an atom or group by another atom or group, which cannot be relieved by rotation around a single bond
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acyclic_02 (acyclic_02.pdf) - Conformation of Acyclic...

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