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Sam Seider Commemorative Speech Ca 100-028 12/10/07 My Magnificent Mother You’ve probably heard the saying that,” Behind every good man, there is an even better woman.” This sentiment, usually connected with marriage, indicates that wives shape the character of their husbands. And after careful thought, I have come to agree with this opinion. However, I look at it a bit differently. Abraham Lincoln once said, "All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother." This quote by the most influential leader in American history reinsures my belief that the “better woman” behind every “good man” is not necessarily a wife, but a mother. It should not surprise you then that I stand in front of you today, commemorating the woman who has shaped my character, the woman who has made me a young man of integrity. It is with great conviction and the utmost sincerity that I celebrate the life of my mother, Mary Lock. My mother has used her compassion, her humor, and her understanding to positively influence my life and the lives of people around her. I will always remember my mom putting me to sleep when I was little. Every night, while lying in bed, she would sit next to me, rub my head, and read me a story. With her voice as soft
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2008 for the course COM ARTS 100 taught by Professor Humphreys during the Fall '07 term at University of Wisconsin.

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Commemorative_SamSeider - Sam Seider Ca 100-028 My...

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