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Exam Notecard - electro n density E.P.G Atomic orbitals...

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Unformatted text preview: electro n density E.P.G. Atomic orbitals Hybrid orbital s Hybri d 2 Linear S+p 2 Sp 3 Trigonal Planar S+p+p 3 Sp2 3 Experiments Thomson Cathode Ray Experiment 1) Establishes existence of electron 2) Provides the mass-to- charge ratio Milikan Oil Drop Experiment 1) Established existence of electron 2) Established charge of the electron (1.6x10-14 ) (Electrons in positively charged soup) Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment 1) Gave us model for current atom (dense nucleus surrounded by electron cloud) Mass=concentrated 2) Electrons take up all of the volume, but none of the mass. alpha-rays - Coulomb’s law= as the distance increases attraction Kinetic Molecular Theory The KMT states that all matter consists of tiny particles in constant motion. Gases particles separation are greater than the size of the particle. The particles collide with one another but do so without loss of energy. All gasses have the same average kinetic energy at the same temp.---- To describe pi bonding calculate formal charge and...
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