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ILS Thanksgiving Assignment

ILS Thanksgiving Assignment - Sam Seider Lynnette Regouby...

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Sam Seider Lynnette Regouby ILS 201-308 28 November 2007 Philosophical Transactions 1) Oldenburg’s Philosophical Transactions is an attempt to congregate and proliferate information on the scientific phenomenon that takes place during his time. The goal is to spread understanding and knowledge, so it is sensible that Oldenburg invited the greatest thinkers of his time to participate in his movement. This is evident when Oldenburg writes, “that such productions being clearly and truly communicated, desires after the solid and useful knowledge may be further entertained, ingenious endeavors and undertakings cherished, and those, addicted to and conversant in such matters, may be invited to and encouraged to teach, try and find out new things, impart their knowledge to one another, and contribute what they can to the grand design of improving Natural knowledge, and predicting all Philosophical Arts, and sciences.”
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