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Persuasive Speech Peer Assessment

Persuasive Speech Peer Assessment - Sam Seider Peer...

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Sam Seider Peer Assessment Ca100-028 11/26/07 Persuasive Speech Peer Assessment The art of public speaking has many concepts to study and master. With the opportunity to speak in front of an audience, comes the opportunity to evaluate one’s progressions and shortcomings. This ability to analyze led me to some interesting conclusions about Josh Packer’s public speaking ability. Through careful listening and note taking I was able to determine some areas that Josh was strong in and some areas he needed to improve on. Finally, careful examination of the entire speech making process allowed me to realize that Josh can change the specific steps of preparation which could improve the overall quality of the speech. Josh chose to do his persuasive speech on a challenging and pertinent topic— standardized testing. This topic shows one positive aspect of Josh’s public speaking ability because he was able to choose a topic that relates directly to his audience. Besides this, he seemed genuinely interested in the topic which improved his credibility. The introduction to the
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