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Sam Seider Time: 9:06 November 9, 2007 Communication Arts 100, Lecture 028 Persuasive Speech Preparation Outline The Perils of Facebook General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to adjust the security settings on their facebook profile. Central Idea: The potential problems caused by a public facebook profile—identity theft, social problems, and the inability to be hired by reputable companies— can be easily avoided by changing a few simple options on the privacy tab of one’s profile and by avoiding “stupid facebooking.” Method of Organization: Problem-Solution Order Introduction I. (Gain attention and interest) “I would die without it; I mean, it’s my life!” I believe that this sentiment recently voiced by my roommate reflects the general consensus on the incredibly useful networking tool we know as facebook. I mean, it’s everywhere. It’s a link on my homepage As indicated by my survey it’s visited by each one of us on a daily basis; and I’ve even seen it on students’ t-shirts—“plus one friend, man I’m popular” or “you looked cuter on facebook.” With the ubiquity of this growing network, it should not surprise you that every day over 100,000 people join facebook and that every month receives over 15 billion page views as reported by II. (Reveal Topic) However, as we sit back and admire the usefulness of facebook, we also need to be aware of the troubles that can come to fruition through it. Many people have faced identity theft, sexual assault, and social problems because of the information they have shared on their facebook profile. Although these problems may not be known to you, I assure you that these issues are real and need to be dealt with.
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III. (Establish Credibility) To tell you the truth, even I was skeptical about the validity of this assertion. However, after the incredible amount of research and the jaw-dropping stories I have read, I am hard pressed to name another current phenomenon that has a more direct impact on young adults than this seemingly innocuous topic. Through research, I have become passionate about the subject and have learned about the perils of facebook and how easily they can be avoided by changing a few simple options under the privacy section of your profile and by using more discretion while “facebooking.” IV.( Preview body of the speech) Today, I’d like to encourage you to change those settings on your facebook profile and also become more careful with the information you share in an attempt to avoid identity theft, sexual assault, and the inability to be hired by reputable companies. V. (Relate to audience) The prior parts of the introduction relate the topic to the audience. Signpost: Let’s start by looking at the need for privacy for our facebook profiles.
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Persuasive_SamSeider - Sam Seider November 9 2007...

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