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Some Practice Arguments 1. Kantianism is complicated and difficult to understand – it has kept scholars busy debating its real meaning for about two hundred years! In fact, it is so difficult that any attempt actually to use it would involve one in endless contemplation and discussion. But such a theory is quite useless. For often situations arise where there is no time for discussion. One has to act swiftly and decisively. Thus, Kantianism is an incorrect moral theory and should be rejected. 2. Jones has just risked his life to save a drowning child. However, he did not really act unselfishly; he did not risk his own life for the sake of the child. Rather, Jones is the sort of person who gets satisfaction and pleasure from helping other people. And his desire for this sort of pleasure was so great that it even outweighed his desire to protect his own life. So Jones was not acting morally rightly, he was merely acting so as to get pleasure for himself. 3.
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