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Thesis Exercise - superficiality The thesis I have...

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Sam Seider Manuel Herrero Puertas Discussion Section 320 Thesis Exercise Thesis: The rocking horse that serves as a textual echo in DH Lawrence’s “The Rocking Horse Winner” speaks to the pettiness of social ambition and the futility of people’s misguided efforts for a positive public image. Argument: I argue that the rocking horse does not only attest to the greed of the “middle class” family from “The Rocking Horse Winner,” but also to the inconsequentiality of people’s social ambition and to the senselessness of measures taken to achieve wealth in order to maintain a façade on a global level. I am not merely pointing out the symbolism that the rocking horse provides in the story, but rather arguing that the application of this metaphor is meant for all people in order for them to get a glimpse of their own vainness and a hint of their own
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Unformatted text preview: superficiality. The thesis I have fashioned uniquely encompasses all people because it broadens the narrow metaphorical view of the rocking horse and changes its symbolism into something that nearly everyone can relate to: intense effort bearing fruitless results. The story supports this argument when the reader realizes that no matter if the family achieves wealth or not, they are still the same people living miserable, worrisome lives because of the inability to live below their means. Furthermore, the text indicates the global theme of petty social ambitions when you analyze the big picture. The horse did not change no matter if the family achieved an elevated social class or not. Similarly, the world will not stop turning if people today attain a certain level of popularity or social standing. It makes one wonder what a worthwhile cause is....
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Thesis Exercise - superficiality The thesis I have...

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