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Sam Seider Manuel Herrero Puertas English 168 Disc. 320 22 February 2008 Walking Up the Escalator As a young boy, I was always fascinated by the “moving stair cases” that would take shoppers from one story to another in crowded outlet malls. Filled with the intrigue of novelty and the curiosity of youth, I remember trying to run up the downward moving escalators. My attempts were futile, not once did I make it up the opposite way. And although my failure speaks to my incredible lack of athletic ability as a child, it also testifies to a larger, deeper theme that is silhouetted throughout “The Rocking Horse Winner”— a theme that parallels my fruitless efforts as a young boy. No matter how hard I tried, I could never make it to the top even though I had an intense desire to do so. Similarly, there is extreme effort in the story which was in vain as well. The theme which lies so deeply intertwined throughout the narrative is greed and the inevitable consequences that stem from it. DH Lawrence’s symbolic use of the rocking horse speaks to the pettiness of greed through the rocking horse’s ubiquity, uniqueness, and the immaturity of its use. The rocking horse, interpreted as a symbol of greed, is the textual echo that remains constant throughout the entire story which demonstrates the uselessness of people’s greed. It is interesting to note that throughout the story Paul’s family wins over 75,000 pounds from his gambling which catapults his family from strictly middle class to exceptionally wealthy. This sum, won during the mid 1920’s, is equivalent to 2.1 million dollars in today’s American
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currency. However, even with this staggering amount of wealth and the apparent jump in social
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English final Exam 1 - Sam Seider Manuel Herrero Puertas...

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