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IR Study Guide: Slides: Obstacles to Acquiring Knowledge personal bias: ideology, party, religion, gender Cognitive (Jervis): we 'filter' incoming facts Practical: time, money, energy Treaty of Westphalia: The Treaty of Westphalia of 1648 is usually considered to signal the beginning of the modern era of the international political system, a construct based on the concept of sovereign states, each legally entitled to govern its own territory and its own population free of external influence. Westphalia's principle of sovereignty, now embodied in Article 2(4) of the 1945 Charter of the United Nations, brought an end to the bloody Thirty Years War where Protestants and Catholics fought to impose their faiths on each other. It is said that half of Germany perished in these religious wars. Sovereignty meant that each state could choose its own religion without outside intervention, but the Treaty of Westphalia also included provisions calling for the protection of Catholics in Protestant states and vice versa. System of Restraint: These principles were codified in the Congress of Vienna respect sovereignty let no one state predominate (balance of power)…states should combine through their power and diplomacy to prevent any one state from dominating Diplomatic History- Treaty of Westphalia, Congress of Vienna (led to) Liberalism- World War I (led to)
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Realism- World War II Locke: Normative freedom of individual choice and maximization of individual choice analogy between treatment of individuals in domestic society and treatment of states in the international realm
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IR Study Guide - IR Study Guide Slides Obstacles to...

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