The Struggle against Terrorism Outline

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Outline of “The Struggle against Terrorism” by Barry Posen Outline by Daynel Ingram - Al-Qaeda is most dominant and threatening terrorist group o U.S. must be most concentrate on destroying Al-Qaeda - Al-Qaeda wants Western influenced (mostly American) out of Persian Gulf and Middle East - U.S. particularly vulnerable to terrorist attacks because it is “open society that has not policed its borders successfully” - U.S. needs grand strategy that sets priorities and focuses available resources (i.e. money, time, political capital, and military power) - Without militarily offensive component, war cannot be won o Resources are scarce and must all be concentrated on threat of terrorism and states that support it - Allies are essential for success o U.S. and allies can both use military and police forces to apprehend terrorists o Together, U.S. and allies can weaken terrorist organizations by denying access to funds and materials necessary to plan attacks - BUT, U.S. must bypass national governments should they refuse to cooperate
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  • Fall '08
  • Eichenberg
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