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How to Help Poor Countries

How to Help Poor Countries - "How to Help Poor Countries By...

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11/26/07 “How to Help Poor Countries” By Birdsall, Rodrik, and Subramanian Brief Summary: The authors argue against the traditional ways in which wealthy nations aid poor countries (market liberalization and offering aid). Instead, they make a case for creative solutions to aid poor countries (taking action against corrupt leaders, assisting research and development, enhancing global labor mobility). While it is ultimately in the hands of poor nations to progress economically, developed nations should not abandon the poor. Outline: I. The problems with market liberalization The international trade system is full of inequalities as a result of tariffs and exclusive negotiations Doing away with agricultural subsidies and protectionism would ultimately benefit wealthy/middle-class countries and make the urban poor poorer Need for a “healthy multilateral trading system” II. The problems with aid Aid focuses on narrow specific objectives (ex. Small pox, contraception, AIDS)
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