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Psych 1 Chapter 1 Key Terms

Psych 1 Chapter 1 Key Terms - Psych 1 Chapter 1 Key Terms...

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Psych 1 Chapter 1 Key Terms Term Definition psychological science The study of mind, brain, and behavior. evolutionary theory In psychological science, a theory that emphasizes the inherited, adaptive value of behavior and mental activity throughout the entire history of a species. natural selection Darwin's theory that those who inherit characteristics that help them adapt to their particular environment have a selective advantage over those who do not. adaptations In evolutionary theory, the physical characteristics, skills, or abilities that increase the chances of reproduction or survival and are therefore likely to be passed along to future generations. culture The beliefs, values, rules, and customs that exist within a group of people who share a common language and environment and that are transmitted through learning from one generation to the next. nature-nurture debate The arguments concerning whether psychological characteristics are
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