Psych 1 Chapter 3 Key Terms

Psych 1 Chapter 3 Key Terms - Psych 1 Chapter 3 Key Terms...

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Psych 1 Chapter 3 Key Terms Term Definition acetylcholine (ACh) The neurotransmitter responsible for motor control at the junction between nerves and muscles; also involved in mental processes such as learning, memory, sleeping, and dreaming. action potential The neural impulse that passes along the axon and subsequently causes the release of chemicals from the terminal buttons. agonist Any drug that enhances the actions of a specific neurotransmitter. all-or-none principle The principle whereby a neuron fires with the same potency each time, although frequency can vary; it either fires or not, it cannot partially fire. antagonist Any drug that inhibits the action of a specific neurotransmitter. autonomic nervous system (ANS) A major component of the peripheral nervous system, which regulates the body's internal environment by stimulating glands and by maintaining internal organs such as the heart, gall bladder, and stomach. autoreceptors A neuron's own neurotransmitter receptors, which regulate the release of the neurotransmitters. axon A long narrow outgrowth of a neuron by which information is transmitted to other neurons. cell body In the neuron, where information from thousands of other neurons is collected and processed. central nervous system (CNS) The brain and spinal cord. cholecystokinin (CCK) The peptide found in highest concentration in the cerebral cortex; it plays a role in learning and memory, pain transmission, and exploratory behavior. chromosomes Structures within the cell body that are made up of genes. dendrites
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Psych 1 Chapter 3 Key Terms - Psych 1 Chapter 3 Key Terms...

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