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music206notesmarch26th - -Produced and acted in The Road...

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Music 206 Lecture March 26, 2008 Bing Crosby -Born in Washington -play football in college, little guy but was determined -he sand TO you, unlike Jolson Pruning = intimate singing -1 st ever to sing with an orchestra as fulltime job -Sold the most popular record of all time = White Christmas -Invested in many things, such as Minute Maid and Race horses -Joined the Rhythm Boys -Meet Mildred Bailey who introduced him to Paul Whiteman -Performed in Movie: King of Jazz – first colored movie -Married Dixie Lee and had four sons -He Left Rhythm Boys to go solo -In 1944, acted in movie: Going My Way and won an Academy Award for best actor
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Unformatted text preview: -Produced and acted in The Road Pictures with Bob Hope (broke fourth wall)-Acted in movie: Stage Coach – appeared as an alcoholic doctor-Died in 1977 in Spain of heart attack-His Legacy is opposite of Jolson Torch Singing – “ My man left me, I can’t love anyone else, so I’ll sing about it) *carrying the torch* Fannie Brice-Born in New York-Sang in Streets, Ugly-Sand Burlesque (exotic)-Fell in love with Nikki Arnstein (was a jerk and used her for money_-Fannie resembled a now-a-days Barbra Streisand -Sang “My Man”...
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