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09_19_07_handout - (how airstream is constricted Manners of...

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Class website: learnuw.wisc.edu Linguistics 101/301 9/19/07 Class Handout first homework will be available on website today after class; due at BEGINNING of class Monday 9/24 Today’s class: 1. Announcements 2. Phonetics: Consonants, continued 3. Phonetics: Consonant symbols
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Ling 101/301 handout, 9/19/07 2 P LACE OF A RTICULATION (where airstream is constricted): Places of articulation, for English consonants: bilabial labiodental interdental alveolar alveopalatal palatal velar glottal (A few we don’t make use of in English: dental, uvular, pharyngeal) M ANNER OF A RTICULATION
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Unformatted text preview: (how airstream is constricted): Manners of articulation, for English consonants: stop nasal fricatives affricates liquids glides (semivowels) Ling 101/301 handout, 9/19/07 3 3. Phonetics: Consonant symbols Will primarily use symbols for sounds of English; a few added just for fun (and we will occasionally use other symbols in problem sets) bilabial labio- dental inter- dental alveolar alveo-palatal palatal velar uvular glottal stops p b t d k g q ɢ ʔ affricates t ʃ d ʒ fricatives f v θ ð s z ʃ ʒ x ɣ h nasals m n ɲ ŋ liquids l r ʀ glides ʍ w j...
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  • ling, Place of articulation, English Consonants, Consonant Symbols, alveopalatal palatal velar, fricatives nasals liquids

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