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Exam 1 Spring 2005

Exam 1 Spring 2005 - Physics 221 2005S Exam 1 PHYSICS 221...

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Physics 221 2005S Exam 1 Page 1 of 12 PHYSICS 221 Spring 2005 EXAM 1: Feb 17 2005 8:00pm—10:00pm Name (printed): ____________________________________________ ID Number: ______________________________________________ Section Number: __________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: Each question is of equal weight, answer all questions. All questions are multiple choice. Choose the best answer to each question. Before turning over this page, put away all materials except for pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, your calculator and “aid sheet”. An “aid sheet” is one two sided 8½ × 11 page of notes prepared by the student. There is also a list of possibly useful equations at the end of the exam. "In general, any calculator, including calculators that perform graphing numerical analysis functions, is permitted. Electronic devices that can store large amounts of text, data or equations are NOT permitted." If you are unsure whether or not your calculator is allowed for the exam ask your TA. Examples of allowed calculators: Texas Instruments TI-30XII/83/83+/89, 92+ Casio FX115/250HCS/260/7400G/FX7400GPlus/FX9750 Sharp EL9900C. Examples of electronic devices that are not permitted: Any laptop, palmtop, pocket computer, PDA or e-book reader. In marking the multiple choice bubble sheet use a number 2 pencil. Do NOT use ink. If you did not bring a pencil, ask for one. Fill in your last name, middle initial, and first name. Your ID is the middle 9 digits on your ISU card. Special codes K to L are your recitation section, for the Honors section please encode your section number as follows: H1 02; H2 13 and H3 25 . If you need to change any entry, you must completely erase your previous entry. Also, circle your answers on this exam. Before handing in your exam, be sure that your answers on your bubble sheet are what you intend them to be. It is strongly suggested that you circle your choices on the question sheet. You may also copy down your answers on the record sheet at the end and take this page with you for comparison with the answer key to be posted later. When you are finished with the exam, place all exam materials, including the bubble sheet, and the exam itself, in your folder and return the folder to your recitation instructor. No cell phone calls allowed. Either turn off your cell phone or leave it at home. Anyone answering a cell phone must hand in their work; their exam is over. Total number of questions is 27. Best of luck, David Atwood and Paula Herrera-Siklody
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Physics 221 2005S Exam 1 Page 2 of 12 The following applies to questions [1] and [2]: A 2-kg block slides up an incline. The initial speed of the block, at the bottom of the incline, is 2 m/s. The acceleration of the block is 7.2 m/s 2 down the ramp. [1] How far along the incline will the block go before it momentarily stops? (A) 9cm (B) 13cm (C) 20cm (D) 28cm (E) 33cm _______________________________________________________________________ [2] If a hand pushes on the sliding block perpendicularly to the incline surface, (A) The magnitude of weight increases.
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Exam 1 Spring 2005 - Physics 221 2005S Exam 1 PHYSICS 221...

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