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Quiz for Tuesday, August 28. Version A: Two vectors are given as A:3i + 2j + k and B=2i+ 2i+ 2k. What isthe angle between A and B? ---r-*:- jSt\E\ cos€ = N*\* oN: R.r + N?Rz l-\ .\5= -[ t) = CcrS A: 22,2" Version B: Twovectors are givenbyA:3i + j andB:2i-i. Give C:AXBinCartesian component form. A"t A: C=-5k Version C: Two vectors are gtven by A: 2i+ 3j and B : i
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Unformatted text preview: : A * B, then give C in polar notation. = 3 i + ( f c <.-t r5-\ e=-T*l\) GJ : A * B. Give C in Cartesian component form.- | r . . L n . l n \ A N= \Nc.s O^t, n\l\krNGAg, T=ln\casQuA *\N s\Nes A A: lCl : 5.83 0": 59o Two vectors, in polar notatio4 are given by lAl : 3, 0e = 30o and lBl :2,0s= 75o. Let C c\ . tr+a{ Version D: A: C:3.12i+3.43i...
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