Recitation Quiz 5 Solutions

Recitation Quiz 5 - 13 September Quiz for Thursday VersionA Thetotal forceon a 10kg mass givenby F(4lD i If the mass is starts att 0 s at rest,at

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Quiz for Thursday, September 13. Version A: The total force on a 10 kg mass is given by F - (4lD i. If the mass starts att 0 s, at rest, at the origin, what is its (a) velocity and (b) position at t: 4 s? /- = -. .r 1^n/^\ n -r-r. ..: , ..ri- r.1.u,,A ;iF: rrrr6 -? f J-t ^+ -\, T|\i'-, 1r, i'-uN5rr\rv\ L- 1 r2 :q\ \= t'\T *\ v('lt') :',rc,l-ti?i f ,\ !.t ' ! rt /?i'' rl r \L -r h\xit''i !,rJ'ri ',Tl'.*:\ *-3"4-^^^ I Version B: The one dimensional motion of a 4kg mass can be given by x(t):(5m) +(2mls)t -(3mls\f . (a)Fort:2s,whatisthenetforce,F,ontheobject? (b) For t:2 s, what is the mass's velocity? -\ t,\ -,\iu r rw\ ) \ -\L\-! -- jrb- b S.^ f t't':i -: *f*'.5 I tLx) * 'r\U' q vt) =*'1\-Kt$ Version C:
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