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Recitation Quiz 7 Solutions

Recitation Quiz 7 Solutions - -trayel before stopping KEi\r...

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Quiz for Tuesday, September 25. version A: A,Zkgmass, tied to a string, undergoes uniform circular motion on a horizontal table. The radius of the circle islz5r*-uod the period ofthemotion is 4 s' If there is a coefiicient of kinetic friction p - 0.40 between the mass and the table' what is the magnituo" ortn additioiar t*g*,iar forcethat must be applied to the mass? T{f nAs: t+\s \ CoN:\\xrT SP€ID ( U'U rF'triv\ cts*cuunA f\(n o") ": tr = : E;"J L dr).\€auvli{ spc€ ii'r,rt<$'-at-,} { t s':rr"*-LJ t, € . Tf,r;,tr r - t \h.!o*"l=1N:1 n,?={,c,''t*x}u7)\i'x t-} = J,tt N Version B: A spring (k : 100 N/m) is compressed horizontally by 10 cm by a 5 kg mass. If there is a kinetic coefficient of friction p:0.10 betweenthe mass and the surface, how far will the mass move before stopping? A a _ _.1 L. .?_ Kf^ = C n.ilKE; +"\'.r: {=n I "t{* f 5i;-.1".Ke(l=c radlsec, how far will the npsg
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Unformatted text preview: -trayel before stopping? KEi+\\r = E;4"5 {;;j"-;;1r'*.\ =c v rli - qi r= L^t s \ r r.2 / r i=\2 )--Y- (J "|\= t^ : = \lTJ- : = -i, Slc /y\r\ 1/**7 iffi.?^r5al - \'' Version D: A spring is compressed horizontally by 10 cm by a 5 kg mass after which the mass is released. Ifthere is a kinetic coefficient of friction p: 0.10 between the mas and the surface, and the mass travels 1.00 m afterbeing released, what is the spring constant of the spring? PE^r.KE;+w= PE*-* KFP. =={k* +nJ tu31^*N?A L:}"Tte lr1ksm,ffi;}o ;il;, undergor, ,ir*f,?o,ifn on a horizontai' table. The radius of the circle is 2.00 m. There is a coefficient of kinetic friction p -0.40 between the mass and the table. If at t:0 the mass has an angular velocity of 1.0 = Q + t : K< ;ur.F1'A k= Lito,r"ilTkyY1.tt"-\ [to *](r.ty t-i V z h= 1to'/rr^...
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