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Quiz for Tuesday, October 30. Version A: A sphere with a radius of 20.0 cm and a mass of 2.00 kg is hung so that it rotates about a point on its edge. What is the period of the sphere's motion if it osc,iltalgg with a small amplitude? Fo t- N P U"t \\CAL i\Et J sv i-urt\ w -_ Version B: A spring with k : 1000 N/m is hung vertically so as to support a l0 kg mass. ff, att:O s, the mass is pulled downward by I cm and then released, what is the magnitude of the mass's velocity 4.00 seconds later? r r' s, Y= $\'.-*:l*t .* + ) i'.-'' Q*ul ^"' i*""'l d-: u' ,;it' t;::l':, u""^" Vy* - rA.rf-r ur* irw\\ ,rnJ ? m " ,ffi 7 \o Y \/ ' \ '{rS)( opt*) sr{t.ry[t,-i : - o-oJL{5^^.1 s vY tls\ = -[r \vr\ = _l.qi
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Unformatted text preview: is hung on it, the spring extends 5 cm. What will the period of oscillation be if the mass is pulled down, from its equilibrium position by a small amount and t$gn released?n / F = *kr \.= \f = tr: "ffitl.t'*rs'J/o${^n = {ftg Nf* KJ= \K T = H : } n u t +g i ,r \a_. ." 1-tr \ \ = 'r\\ \ ffi;f*= o'ql1 s Version D: A space traveler lands on a new planet. As an initial test of the planet's gravity the traveler suspends a 100 g mass from a 1.00 m long string and measures the period ofthis simple pendulumto be 1.50 s. What is the gravrtational acceleration atthe surface of this new planet? :_ <)y/ a^La(- (rl I = "-rsJ J \ '-(_-1*= fA-.--_----_ ___J \r .d- 7 - . 4 _ * . \ . r-r-3 \r,[ T =7G'r^"\ t1*t Yv...
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