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Recitation Worksheet P Solutions - Worksheet P:...

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Worksheet P: Oscillations. 1. You are baby-sitting little Nicole who plays with a toy of mass m = 0.200 kg that hangs at the end of a vertical spring of constant k = 9.80 N/m. The system is initially at rest and in equilibrium. a. To make the toy oscillate up and down, Nicole can either pull down the toy and release it or… move her hand up and down with brisk, periodic motions. How often would she have to pull up? The maximum effect will be obtained if the period of the applied force (hand’s motion) matches the natural frequency of the system, so 1 9.80 N/m 7.0 s 0.200 kg k m ω == = b. Once the toy is oscillating 10.0 cm above and below the equilibrium position, she stops pulling and lets the system oscillate freely in what can be assumed to be a simple harmonic motion. What is the maximum speed of the toy? max 1 max 9.8 N/m with 10 cm and 7.0 s . 0.20 kg Thus, 70 cm/s vA k A m v = = = = c. You get a stopwatch and set it to zero when the toy is at the equilibrium position and moving upward. Write the functions that describe the position and velocity of
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Recitation Worksheet P Solutions - Worksheet P:...

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