Chapter 14-16 - Molecular Genetics

Chapter 14-16 - Molecular Genetics - Molecular Genetics...

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Molecular Genetics Reading – Mendel and Gene idea Ch 14, 251-273 Reading – Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance – CH 15, 274-292 Reading – Molecular Basis of Inheritance – CH 16, 293-308 Traits transmitted parents to offspring. One possible explanation is blending hypothesis Genetic material contributed by parents and it mixes. Population would eventually come to look alike. Darwin saw people didn’t blend. Particulate Inheritance – parents pass on discrete units of inheritability that retain separate identites in offspring. Genes can be passed on and passed on in undiluted form. Mechanism Particulate Theory – Mendel Mendel and Darwin figuring about same thing – didn’t know each other was doing it. Mendel – Monk did experiments with pea plants to study inheritance. Understand many varieties of peas available, and peas were quite simple. Some had white flowers, some purple. People didn’t know about DNA, chromosomes, genes in his time. Grew up small farm Czech Republic. Monk 1843. University Vienna 1851-53. Influenced by physicist to use math and science to address question of heredity. Also close to botanist. Became groundwork for his experiments. Mendel used scientific approach to identify two laws of inheritance – Table 14.1 Pea plants had distinct characteristics. He controlled mating components and who parents and offspring were. Each plant has stamen and carpel. Typically self fertilize, but Mendel used cross- pollination to make sure he knew who has mating with who. Purple and white flower were inheritable. Parents had white flowers, offspring had white flower. Heritable features=heritable characters. He tracked characters in either/or manner, not more or less manner. Worked with flowers that were either purple or white. Didn’t use characteristics that varied – seed weight. Character – observable heritable feature Trait – any detectable variation in character Mendel’s Discovery Alleles – Alternative versions of a gene. Stretch of DNA. One allele from one parent, the other allele from another. Figure 14.4 pg 255 In peas – Allele code for purple flowers. Homologous in genetics means 1 chromosome coming from each parent coming together to make a
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Chapter 14-16 - Molecular Genetics - Molecular Genetics...

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