Hist 101-1 - to settle and rule this newly found land as...

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Steven Flood History 101 Ch.1 America: A Narrative History This chapter centers its focus around the early history of settlement in the America’s up until the 1600’s, just before England would come to play a prominent role in colonizing the New World. It suggests that there may have been habitants to the America’s before the Siberians were believed to have begun their journey here 15,000 years ago. Those Siberians began their march down the northern continent, eventually covering both continents. From this group sprung many large and sophisticated settlements that would eventually form the basis of enormous Indian cities. The Mayans and later the Mayans in Mexico modern day Mexico and the Incans in South America dominated a vast empire in the Americas. All this would change in the late 1400’s as Europe set its sights on expansion. Cristobal Colon, or Christopher Columbus, set out in his search for the West Indies in 1492. Although he didn’t know, he helped set the stage for years of battle and strife for the right
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Unformatted text preview: to settle and rule this newly found land, as well as the massive collapse of those who previously had. What I found interesting about this chapter was reading about all the different explorers. I I found myself recognizing a lot of the names, like Columbus, Magellan, and even others such as Lock, Ponce De Leon and Raleigh, who comparison with many others, do not deserve such recognition. Raleigh’s settlement failed, and Lock failed to really explore North America. I also really enjoyed reading about the explorations and also taking a look at it from the perspective of those still in Europe. When reading of New World explorations in the past, they make it seem as if it is front and center in the minds and goals of those back home in Europe. As we read, however, that wasn’t necessarily the case. Europe was in the middle of a religious battle with the Catholic Church, a battle that ultimately delayed France and Britain’s entry into the colonizing of the Americas....
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Hist 101-1 - to settle and rule this newly found land as...

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